AutoAI: A Powerful Tool in Detection of Fake Job Posts

5 steps to deploying your own AI on IBM Cloud:

  • Search for interesting datasets
  • Provisioning a Watson studio service
  • Creating AutoAI experiment
  • Run the experiment
  • Test your predictions

Step 1 search for an interesting datasets

  • There are thousands of data on which you can predict
  • Go to kaggle, it’s a community driven site, which focuses on machine learning

Step 2 provisioning a Watson studio service

  • Click the Catalog button on the top
  • Select Service from the catalog
  • Search for Watson studio and click on it
  • Select a location and the lite plan for a free experience
  • Look for your Watson Studio in the services section and click on it

Step 3 Creating the AutoAI experiment

  • Click create an empty project
  • Create a new project with a unique project name

Step 4 predict with AutoAI

  • Select on what to predict on from your data
  • Save the model

Step 5 Test your predictions

  • Navigate to the created model and click on promote to deployment space
  • Create or use a target space
  • You will see your previously created model
  • Click on deploy
  • Input some data and let the magic happen, the AI will predict on every available data a precise answer
  • Can AutoAI really predict what was the intention of the recruiter by analyzing the job posts?
  1. Identify key traits/features (words, entities, phrases) of job descriptions which are fraudulent in nature.
  2. Run a contextual embedding model to identify the most similar job descriptions.



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